Elastic suspenders by Trico

Elastic suspenders by Trico

An elegant and modern fashion statement

Men’s suspenders are not outdated accessories best suited for dining out with friends, or an evening at the club! These luxury accessories are modern, stylish and comfortable to wear. A wide selection of elastic suspenders is available to buy here from our online shop. All our elastic suspenders are made by the Trico Company in Augsburg – for almost 100 years, this maker of exclusive, handcrafted luxury silk and elastic suspenders has also offered a wide range of outstanding men’s luxury accessories. Trico products are exceptional – and not just because of their first-class quality!

These suspenders with elastic ribbons make great everyday wear with a favorite shirt or new outfit. You’ll also be surprised at the comfort level compared with a conventional belt, and they can really brighten a uni-color shirt – especially if you pick the right color. The flattery that’s sure to be coming your way is a deserved style compliment!

All suspender accessories from our online shop are Y shape. Metal fastenings are all silver (to match our set collections – to see more go to “Luxury sets”). Elastic suspenders also have clips and leather ends – perfect for our regular customers who prefer buttons for suspenders and slacks, or equally as versatile for everyone who prefers a clip fastening. You will not be disappointed with your purchase – you’ve chosen a fabulous accessory design that makes an elegant fashion statement and is “handmade in Germany”.

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