Elastic with spots & stripes by Trico

Elastic with spots & stripes by Trico

Suspenders – wearing contrast with confidence!

Workwear or even regular everyday men’s outfits teamed with suspenders used to be frowned upon as outdated or unconventional. For decades, men’s belts were the fashion item par excellence. There’s some way to go before we have a mass revival on our hands. But there’s still mileage in the saying that today’s modern look is just a revival of yesterday’s cult fashion trends. That’s surely true of men’s suspenders!

After ‘informal’ and ‘relaxed’ style seemed widely acceptable for most occasions, classic men’s accessories are popular again for all age groups. A style-conscious younger generation is also rediscovering the excitement of bow ties, while men’s cuff links are en vogue and make a strong style statement that looks fabulous. Dress handkerchiefs grace men’s formal suits. Even men’s hats are back to stay, and suspenders are becoming an increasingly popular choice as alternatives to men’s belts.

In this section of our online shop we introduce elastic suspenders with stripes or polka dots from the Trico Company. Enjoy browsing our selection of elastic suspenders with stripes to match our standard colors, or choose items that make an obvious color statement and a strident contrast with shirt or slacks. All suspender models are fully elasticated, Y-shaped and have clips and leather ends. They also have the quality seal “handmade in Germany”.

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