Plain Barathea by Albert Thurston

Plain Barathea by Albert Thurston

Albert Thurston – classic English men’s accessories

Every true connoisseur of men’s suspenders will already be familiar with the “Albert Thurston” brand. This name is the epitome of classic English suspenders – a tradition in fine men’s accessories practiced for almost 200 years and well known for its sophisticated styling and fine quality models. These suspenders have gained a reputation as absolute classics and even won cult status!

Royalty, top statesmen and many other VIPs are among the admirers of this classic men’s brand. Not only do they shoulder great responsibilities, but also they often chose these stylish men’s suspenders from Albert Thurston – a statement of the enduring elegance of this line!

We’ve made it easy for you to buy a selection of Albert Thurston men’s suspenders from our online shop. Here, you can choose from a variety of colors designed to complement and enhance your chosen outfit and also available in our luxury set collections (for more, go to “Luxury sets”). We have selected “plain barathea” suspenders with strong ribbons (only the back ribbon is elastic) for an authentic everyday look that is also extremely elegant. And that’s another reason for the popularity of Albert Thurston.

These plain barathea suspenders are Y shape. You can buy these models either with leather ends or a combination of clip and leather ends.

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