Cufflinks Deumer

Cufflinks Deumer

Cufflinks by Deumer – Handmade in Germany

We think you will agree that there can only be one choice for all connoisseurs of classically elegant and understated attire: cufflinks made by Deumer. This traditional manufacturer has stood for exquisite quality and skilled craftsmanship for over 150 years. With meticulous attention to design detail and an ongoing commitment to high value materials – plus, signature styling that is reminiscent of minimalist, Bauhaus design – these luxury accessories reflect the essence of exclusivity and timeless fashion handmade in Germany.

The cufflinks by Deumer, which we want to introduce to you, are genuine classics. They make the perfect accompaniment for all types of occasions. Enjoy the simple pleasure of fitting them in a quiet moment, and you will reveal this quiet air of confidence thanks to their smart and elegant look! Team them with your outfit as discreetly or as daringly as you wish – these items make a perfect style complement. Deumer cuff links can be an obvious fashion statement, or they may be charmingly understated. You can also choose them as a gift, for a keepsake or a treasure to carry on delighting the next generation of the family.

The exclusive designs in our range are made of the finest 925 sterling silver with enamel insets or semi-precious stones. Natural materials and handcrafted production make enamel cufflinks wonderfully versatile and their brilliant colours turn every piece into an object of envy as well as pleasure!

Enjoy browsing our attractive selection of colour-coordinated cufflinks, also presented in our exclusive sets with ties, braces and other accessories. We source all our products from highly regarded manufacturers. 

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