Enamel cuff links

Enamel cuff links

Elegance and design simplicity

Cufflinks are immensely popular jewelry accessories and come in a host of styles and designs. Dedicated followers of new fashion trends will delight in their novelty. Some designs reveal brightly colored motifs or popular children’s characters, others showcase sparkling diamonds or brilliant gems – and their high value is reflected in the price level!

Cufflinks are one of the few jewelry items for men that, in our view, can introduce a distinctive personal style: They are a discreet way of enhancing the charm, sophistication and classic styling of men’s everyday wear. That’s why we looked for a manufacturer specializing in products integrating these qualities of elegant understatement, timelessness, high value and unashamed masculinity. We source our cufflinks from the German Deumer Company in the Sauerland.

You can buy the cufflinks made exclusively from sterling silver with enamel or semi-precious stones – all the accessories in this section are made by hand and display Deumer’s “handmade in Germany” quality hallmark. Deumer signature style is all about elegance and design simplicity – and that’s reflected in these timeless jewelry accessories that are also available to buy in several different classic shapes.

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