Chivalry and modern man!

Search for the words to describe the traditional idea of a gentleman and you cannot ignore the manifold associations of a time when knights and lords were heroes and gentlemen. Their values were honor, chivalry and courage! So it’s hardly surprising that the luxury manufacturer of cufflinks – the Deumer Company from the Sauerland – is dedicated to design and styling for the contemporary gentleman. Deumer’s company logo is even in the shape of a heraldic shield – the symbol of chivalry par excellence!

As the heraldic emblem once revealed the details of heritage and dynasty, a small accessory like a cufflink can today speak volumes about the values and identity of the person wearing it …

This strong statement conveyed by a familiar, yet distinctive form is the reason why we have chosen this cufflink line made from sterling silver with semi-precious stone inlay for our range. The timelessly elegant production and silver and semi-precious stone materials guarantee a truly special decorative addition, creating that noble sense of style and a real air of high class.

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