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De luxe sets

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The dilemma of finding the right colour tone and product combination from an amazing variety of exclusive men’s accessories is a familiar challenge. Cuff links, ties, bow ties, braces and pocket squares can be combined in any choice of pattern, fabric and colour. But if you are looking for matching colours, patterns and fabric qualities, we also have an attractive selection of versatile sets for you to browse. You can either team individual accessories together in matching colours or pick colour contrasts that still offer the classically styled gentleman’s look.

The cuff links chosen for our sets are the finest 925 sterling silver or 925 sterling silver with enamel or semi-precious stones and exclusively made by German company Deumer, a traditional manufacturer from the Sauerland-region in Germany, and with over 150 years of experience in the production of cuff links. Deumer offers timelessly elegant design, while embracing the “handmade in Germany” quality seal.

We have an excellent range of gentlemen’s braces made by traditional English manufacturer Albert Thurston. With almost two hundred years of history in making fine accessories for gentlemen, Thurston braces are the epitome of classic gentlemen’s fashion.

We also offer braces made by Trico, a German manufacturer based in Augsburg, and specializing in the production of men’s fine quality accessories since 1919. Our elastic braces made by Trico include our range of silk braces and our ties, dress handkerchiefs and hat bands for our bespoke hat design. 

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