Braces, tie & hat set

Braces, tie & hat set

Uniquely flattering

With our unconventional approach to combining different accessories or accessory items such as suspenders, ties and a hat and bringing them together as a stylish ensemble, we stepped into “terra incognita”. But we say – “why not?” This set offers a flattering and elegant composition with the opportunity for a variety of combinations.

This set collection brings together the finest Italian silks and manufactured silk suspenders, plus silk ties from the Trico Company with a sophisticated and bespoke hat made exclusively by one of the last German hat manufacturers. The silk material used in the suspenders and tie is repeated in our hat band. A colorful decoration for the hat band knot is our sterling silver and enamel inlay cufflink, which is hand stitched to the hat, and made by luxury cufflink manufacturer, Deumer. This decorative accent or inlaid colored enamel highlights the color of all design elements and silk materials used for each set.

This set offers you an exclusive, handmade accessories ensemble. The choice of silk offers highly versatile design elements repeated in the color of the hat and hand stitched enamel cufflink detail. The hat is custom made to your personal requirements. We are happy to work out the details with you. Please get in touch with us – we look forward to discussing your style choices!

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