Braces, ties & cuff links sets

Braces, ties & cuff links sets

Accessories for every occasion!

Every special occasion requires a different approach – and the same goes for the dress code. So combining accessories in your wardrobe without much extra effort is practical on these occasions. The key is getting the mood and style right for your occasion – you want to make a good impression!

We have compiled a wide choice of versatile sets of cufflinks, suspenders and ties. These accessories bring together various matching colors to create style compliments or interesting, harmonious contrasts. The spectrum ranges from sporty and relaxed to festive and formally elegant.

The color combinations of suspenders and ties all match the tones of the enamel details or semi-precious stones in our silver cufflinks made by Deumer. There are plenty of captivating combinations to match with our cufflinks. But you decide how to match the set: Choose cufflinks, suspenders and tie; or select only two of these accessories or just a single item! The choice is entirely yours, depending on your occasion.

With a host of styles and a multitude of uses for all accessories or for just a single item, these sets make distinctive gifts for everyone with a weakness for fine quality accessories and for all those who love to experiment with exciting and different combinations.


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