Silk braces & silk tie sets by Trico

Silk braces & silk tie sets by Trico

When everything has to be perfect ...

Sometimes it is either essential for things to turn out perfectly, or you’d like them to, and you’d prefer nothing to be left to chance or decided on a whim. That’s certainly true with clothing! If you prefer suspenders to wearing a belt, things can get a little awkward when it’s vital to find a harmonious match for your tie or to pair your tie with suspenders (and when things have to be perfect for that forthcoming event!). It can be a bore searching for a suitable tie or matching suspenders, if you even manage to find the perfect pair ...

In our web shop we show you a way out of this style dilemma with our exclusive sets of elegant suspenders and ties made by hand from the German manufacturer Trico in Augsburg. These accessories are exclusively produced for us from finest Italian silks and “handmade in Germany”.

We have compiled our color ranges to help you find the exact set of suspenders and tie as a discreet style complement for your everyday wear. You can also find sets to accentuate strong colors and add flair to your personal style. All models offer the fascinating qualities of refined luxury silk – a thumbnail image cannot do justice to the unique sheen, or surprising shimmer of the colors and wonderfully tactile effect of luxury fine silk that has to be experienced first hand!

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