Ties & cuff links sets

Ties & cuff links sets

A classic look!

Whether you’re attending a festive occasion or a crucial business meeting – there are moments when every detail has to be exactly right.

Finding a color match for your tie and cufflinks or the perfect color of tie to blend with a pair of cufflinks isn’t that easy, especially if you are under pressure and don’t have time to browse all the likely combinations – plus you’d rather not make do with emergency quick fixes!

We’ve spared you the time and effort and put together an exquisite collection of versatile and attractive color combinations – uniting luxury with high quality and creating a perfectly harmonious accessories set. These sets present luxury handmade cufflinks from the German manufacturer Deumer with colorful enamel inlays or semi-precious stones, and also ties hand made from luxurious and refined woven Italian silk.

Depending on your occasion, wardrobe and chosen color combinations, these tie and cufflinks sets will pleasantly emphasize your eye color or general outfit, or create a flattering color compliment. This collection of color coordinated tie and cufflinks will certainly earn plenty of admiring glances!

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