Pocket Squares

A joyful comeback ...

They are back again! And not just on the silver screen on “Her Majesty’s Service” as a double agent, or worn by newscasters on TV – no, they’ve (almost) made a comeback in polite society – at least that goes for well dressed society. We refer to pocket squares that have a uniquely special charm aside from festive occasions and parties.

The sheer joy of these small decorative accessories seems to be rediscovered!

So we’d like to give our full backing to this joyous renaissance and in our online shop we present a selection of pocket squares in various colors and designs. These are perfect for a wide variety of events and style combinations.

All our pocket squares are made by the Trico Company and produced in luxury Italian silks. Each item involves exquisitely fine hand stitching to create, for example, the hand rolled corners. Our pocket squares are available in dimensions 30x30cm, the standard size for pocket squares.

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